Chairman message

Waris Nadeem Warraich

Waris Nadeem Warraich

In today’s world scenario of globalization, choosing career path is one of the impotent decisions of one’s life that would have an everlasting effect. I welcome you wholeheartedly to our group. We encourage a relationship where the learning where the learning quotient rise above the mere imparting of academic knowledge to the education with excellence, attitude, values, moral and skills for the good humanity as, education is the very impotent contributing element to both social mobility and economic.

Patron in Chief’s Message

Naveed Ahmad Warraich

Naveed Ahmad Warraich

When we established Comprehensive the challenges were to provide our students with the best courses, taught in an exciting and dynamic way, as well as giving them exposure to modern way of life. To achieve the overall objectives we selected the courses that shall give our students the knowledge and tools they need to get ahead in the real world. Today we live in a global economy with an international work force. In recognition of this we are offering such courses that will give our students the opportunity to understand and prepare themselves for global challenges of future.

Co-Ordinator Message

Irfan Akbar Chodary

Irfan Akbar Chodary

Comprehensive group is a key that opens the door to a life time of opportunities for growth and service we want you to base your choice of institute. Invest wisely as comprehensive group is committed to provide result oriented and quality education that always focus on physical and moral growth of the students.


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